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Beauty Vending Machine

Buy Beauty Vending Machine Online Beauty Vending Machine Description A beauty vending machine is a self–service automated machine that dispenses

Beverage Vending Machine

Buy Beverage Vending Machine Online Beverage Vending Machine Description A beverage vending machine is a self–service device that dispenses a

Cannabis Vending Machine

Buy Cannabis Vending Machine Online Cannabis Vending Machine Description The cannabis industry has been rapidly growing in recent years, and

CBD Vending Machine

Buy CBD Vending Machine Online CBD Vending Machine Description A CBD vending machine is a specialized machine that dispenses products

Coca Cola Vending Machine

Buy Coca Cola Vending Machine Online Coca Cola Vending Machine Description A Coca Cola vending machine is a self–service device

Coffee Vending Machine

Buy Coffee Vending Machine Online Coffee Vending Machine Description A coffee vending machine is a self–service device that dispenses hot

Cold Drink vending machine

Buy Cold Drink vending machine Online Cold Drink vending machine Description A cold drink vending machine is a self-service device

Combo Vending Machine

Buy Combo Vending Machine Online Combo Vending Machine Description A combo vending machine, also known as a combination vending machine,
Beverage Vending Machine


1. Simplicity- We supply to a lot of vending machines operators in Australia and the feedback we get most is that our machines are very simple and easy to use. You can easily set a machine up quickly and bulk set prices with a push of a few buttons.

2. High Quality Materials & Workmanship- The second most popular feedback we get from vending operators some who have more then 100 hundred machines is that our machines have a very high level of workmanship and are very solid makes. This is due to the fact that the sheet metal that is used is high grade and and very solid, making it more durable, and less shakeable.

3. Design & Performance of Vending machine Business for sale- 

Our machines look bright, modern and are integrated with advanced smart ai chip technology for less issues and higher efficiency. We have done tests with our machines compared to others and have a case study where we placed it with other machines in the market side by side and our machines outperformed them in sales due to its ease of use, minimal issues and attractive design.

4. Exclusive Machines to Royal Vending ONLY – Our machines have been custom built for us and and us only. Other suppliers usually have resellers which mark up the price on vending machines or at times just change the name/parts but are all the same machines. Since we have the exclusive right to our innovative design an make you will not find our machine anywhere else but through us.

5. Part costs & plug and play design- Machines comes with a standard 24 months warranty. After warranty if anything goes sour the part for the vending machines are up to 40-50% cheaper then other brands out there. The machines are also plug and play so its easy to change parts. No need to call a technician out to change a part or pull your hair out trying to work it out. We are partnered with some of the biggest supplier of vending machines globally! So we can take advantage of mass production and pass the savings on to you! Our manufacturer supplies some of the other leading brands and key parts such as compressors. Contact us for more info.

6. Price- 

We offer the best price for new high quality vending machines for sale Australia wide. We are confident that our product and service offering for the prices will beat any other provider!

7. Energy Efficient- Standard vending machines take up a lot of power and some locations are weary of that. Rest assured that our machines are energy efficient minimizing electricity and power bills.

8. Customization- Our machines can be customized for a wide variety of different snacks and drinks products. Standard are quite limited in the type of products that you can put in them, however with different types of product coils and machine flexibility, we can customize it according to your product needs.

8. Lifetime support – We don’t just give you the equipment and the instruction manual and assume you’ll figure it out. With lifetime technical support included with our computers, we are here for you whenever you need us. We provide the best service available.

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